Office of the Secretary
It is the goal of the Office of the Secretary to meet the needs of the Lodge and the Membership in a friendly and efficient manner.The Secretary is in the Lodge frequently for other events and meetings. To contact the Secretary or to make a personal appointment.
Nina Garrett, Secretary
Mail: Hagerstown Elks #378
11063 Robinwood Drive
Hagerstown, Md. 21742
Things Nina would like you to know
Dues for the 2012-13 lodge year are $63.25 for regular members and $28.25 for life members. There is no increase for the upcoming Lodge year. Dues letters will be mailed in mid January and contain important instructions for paying your dues that will make the entire process easier on everyone. Dues sent in an incorrect amount will have to be returned to you which creates a cost for the lodge and a delay in getting your membership renewed.

With regards to the life membership, our bylaws state that to attain life membership, you must have 45 years of paid membership in the order, 25 of which must be as a member of the Hagerstown Lodge and be at least 65 years of age. You must also personally request life membership by contacting the Secretary. Once formally requested and the member is found to be eligible, the request must be read on the lodge floor, published in the Antlers and voted on at a regular lodge meeting. If you meet the requirements as noted above and wish to be considered for life membership, please submit your request in writing or call me at 301-739-0844 x202. If writing or leaving a message, please include your name, address, phone and membership numbers. The complete process will take about 2 months. Those who may be eligible for the 2010-2011 lodge year may make their request at any time.

One final note. If you will be changing your address soon, please let us know as soon as possible so we can update our mailing list and lodge records.
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